Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooking With Emma

Crazy-creative and brilliant is how I would describe my good friend Emma…… transfer that into cooking and you get amaaaaaazing and delicious!!!  She treated a few of our girlfriends on Friday night to a supremo Italian pasta dish that was to die for!  Rapini, white kidney beans, pancetta, red wine, chili flakes, olive oil, orchetti pasta, and garlic = absolutely mouth-watering and scrumptious!  I loved it so much that I made it on Sunday night for my family.  I highly recommend you give it a go…. I guesstimated measurments and it tasted just as good as Emma’s!

It's so easy….

**chop half a bulb of garlic and fry up with red wine and pancetta (use lots of pancetta and cut into cubes)

**cook some rapini and then fry that up with white kidney beans

**cook orchetti pasta and then mix it all together in a big bowl - add some olive oil and chili flakes and your done!!!

Thanks Emma!

Gusssygirl xx

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