Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embracing "Anti-Valentine's Day"

Last night I was cordially invited to a party my roommate was hosting titled “Anti – Valentine’s Day.”  I was skeptical at first due to my love of Valentine’s Day and everything pink and wasn’t sure if I would fit in.  Although the requirements were to wear 80% black my roommate assured me that the celebration would have nothing to do with anger or bitterness and would have everything to do with female empowerment – I was game!  I met some lovely people who were filled with love and kindness – and when I felt like we had all connected (with a little help from vino) I decided to jump right into this darkly themed evening and brought out the black eyeliner!  I had this overwhelming desire for us all to be in character!  I’ve posted some photos of the dramatic evening below.

Gusssygirl xx

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