Friday, March 11, 2011

Mary Poppins! (aka Laura Michelle Kelly)

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about my love for someone who I believe is the BEST musical theatre performer of all time – Laura Michelle Kelly.  I got thinking about her two weekends ago when I was hanging out with my performing friends who informed me that Laura Michelle had returned to the cast of Mary Poppins on Broadway – I couldn’t believe it!  My first job in the UK (in 2005) was working as an usher at the Prince Edward Theatre where Mary Poppins the musical had just opened – I was in musical heaven – it was brilliant and I got to watch it every night!  On top of Laura Michelle’s stunning voice what made Mary Poppins so special was Laura’s ability to give an honest and heart felt performance night after night.  If anyone is heading to Broadway you MUST go and see her! 

Here's a clip of the original West End cast performing a few numbers from the show (I hope you enjoy it!)

Gusssygirl xx

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  1. Hey! I'm a big LMK fan - and I have her set on google alerts so I got notified of this post. :) I loooove Laura - her voice is gorgeous, she's such a brilliant performer (singer, actress, AND dancer!), and she's the biggest sweetheart ever. You're so lucky to have ushered Mary Poppins in London. I've seen her twice on Broadway - but she's actually in Australia now filming a new movie. She'll be back on Broadway in July.

    But yeah. I saw this post and it made me smile. I'm glad to find someone else who loves LMK as much as I do. I agree - she is the best musical theatre perfomer!