Friday, April 1, 2011

Inside Camden

If you want to overwhelm your senses then you must go to the Camden Markets (sadly for us North Americans Camden is in the UK). The streets are filled with delicious food, unique and cheap clothing, and hundreds of fashionistas to get creative inspiration from. It’s such a vibrant place bringing together all different types of people and if you like to people watch then you’ll definitely get an eye full!  When I went last summer I just couldn’t stop taking pictures – there were so many interesting buildings to look at.  I have to say that my favourite part was eating a massive amount of Chinese food with my good friend Vicki (above) while sitting on a motorcycle – tres classique!

Gusssygirl xx


  1. hi Leah, thanks a bunch for your super sweet comments lades! really appreciated them. ohhh, London is one of my all-time fave spots yet, awesome photos from your last trip there. and Vicki looks so happy to be munching away while atop the bike seat. so fun! ♥

  2. what day did you go on?! Maybe its just ireland that is grey al the time!! last time i was in london it was grey.. i couldnt get over the pollution either! I was so used to country air i got black boogers too. Gross :p I bought a pair of sunglasses at teh markets once.. love them!

  3. Love these photos!
    xo Cara