Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Billy Elliot!

Ever since 2006 when I stepped outside of Victoria Street tube station and saw the bright Billy Elliot sign shining in front of Victoria Palace Theatre I have been extremely curious about the show…. and always thinking in the back of my mind “oh that’s the show people keep talking about with music by Elton John and child ballet dancers…. better go and see that soon!”  And after five years of wondering I finally saw it last Saturday (took me long enough!).  This show took my breath away – particularly when Billy’s anger towards his father was turned into a fierce solo dance piece (if only we could all break into a dance routine when someone pushes our buttons – it would definitely be a much happier world!).  I was surprised with how profound and creative the show was for such a large-scale production.  This show took every audience member deep into the heart and soul of young Billy’s journey of achieving his dream against all odds.  A truly inspiring story mixed in with amazing dance numbers and witty British humour (who could resist?!).

P.S  I saw Billy Elliot in Toronto at the Canon Theatre and posted pics of the interior above (I got in trouble for taking the “inside the theatre” shot – oops!) – isn’t it stunning?!

Here’s a link for tickets to the Toronto show – Billy Elliot Tickets

Gusssygirl xx

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  1. Great photos... looks like you had an awesome time!