Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dress or Fairy??

I got sucked into Mendocino last week by all the lovely lace and pastel colours and then quickly made my way to the sale rack where I found this pink beauty.  I always immediately fall in love with anything pink even if it's something that may be a completely bad choice for my body (MUST work on that!).  I brought this dress home thinking that I had made the right choice but was quickly challenged yesterday by my brother who told me I looked like a fairy...... I really like fairies but I'm not so sure I can rock the fairy look in the streets.... hmmmmmm  (I'll have to have a think about this one!)


  1. You look nice, and the dress is gorgeous!

  2. I think you look really cute! Love the dress! :) x

  3. i have no doubt about that lades, i remember passing those hallowed doors and being completely overwhelmed with all the goodness. you found a beaut for sure. you're gorgeous!!!

    i was blown away by the kind comment you left me, reading it was a smile fest. thank you so much and the journal was too cute. i am such a kitteh cat fiend, always sourcing out goodies like that, most appreciated. if Eckhart's ever in T-dot we'll be sure to hook you up and if you're coming into Van let me know. would love to meet for a nightcap or something!

    and i loved the pics from Frances' shower, you girls are off the hook lovely! ♥