Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Passion, Precision, Inspiration..... (oh how I love the ballet)

On Saturday night I felt like a little girl in a candy store as I witnessed the eloquent, passionate and breathtaking dancers of the National Ballet of Canada perform Don Quixote.  For some reason the male dancers really brought a smile to my face (and no not because of their ballet tights J) – they were honestly a breath of fresh air - their faces just lit up the whole room as they effortlessly threw their bodies into the air.  Another highlight was Greta Hodgkinson who in my opinion stole the show – such a genuine and inspirational performer who brightened up the entire stage.  In the program she says that “dancing in the moment is my greatest joy” – she definitely did that and brought the audience into those moments with her.  I snapped a quick shot during the interval of the interior of the Four Seasons Centre – I’m a huge fan of modern architecture!  If you’re in Toronto and you’re under the age of 30 then you’ve got to go to the ballet – the National Ballet has a program called DanceBreak where if you book your ticket on the same day as the show then you’ll get the best available seat for $30!  I sat in an orchestra seat worth $150!

 Gusssygirl xx


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog. Glad you enjoyed Don Quixote!!! The Four Seasons Centre looks beautiful..

  2. I adore the ballet as well...such grace, athleticism, and loveliness :) Ha...male ballet dancers...I always smile slightly cause of their tights :)