Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Special Home Away From Home

I can always count on my good friend Roxy to give me the celebrity experience!  Last summer whilst visiting her in the UK she took me through the doors of Home House – a private members club in London where Madonna works out!  Usually when I hear “private members club” I think overly posh and pretentious but it actually had quite a welcoming and laid back vibe.  Situated in a Georgian townhouse at 21 Portman Square in London - I was extremely impressed with how the interior design (which for the most part I believe can be accredited to Zaha Hadid and Candy and Candy) had combined modern and edgy with elegance and grandeur.  A highlight for me was when Roxy used her thumb to scan us into the change room – I love modern technology!  I was also highly entertained by all the sexual references that discreetly kept popping up – the first time was on the first page of the lunch menu where the reader is informed that  “nudity is discouraged” (I wasn’t planning on stripping down but thanks for the warning!) and the second time was at the House Bar where my eyes caught a glimpse of a piece of artwork making reference to a sperminator (I had to look that one up when I got home).

Gusssygirl xx

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